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ACCESS BODY PROCESSES: Transformative Healing at Something Sacred Rockhampton

Unlock the path to holistic wellness with Access Body Processes, a dynamic approach to relieving tension, trauma, and dis-ease. Experience a spectrum of healing from immune system support and weight loss to anti-aging effects, and even what many consider daily miracles.


What Are Access Body Processes?

Access Consciousness Body Processes represent a breakthrough in hands-on healing. These alternative holistic therapies dynamically shift energy, offering relief from trauma, reversing aging signs, and boosting overall wellness. Created by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness®, these processes redefine your relationship with your body and life.


MTVSS & The Healing Session

Each Access Body Process session at Something Sacred Rockhampton involves unique energy work. By gently placing hands on the body, our practitioners unlock tension, pain, trauma, and dis-ease. These sessions, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes, can occur independently or alongside an Access Bars Session, offering deep relaxation and relief.


Reported Benefits: A Gateway to Wellbeing

Clients have reported profound benefits from Access Body Processes, including stress reduction, improved sleep, trauma relief, pain reduction, and overall body ease. Changes in body shape, size, and significant relief from acute and chronic pain have been noted, alongside improvements in relationships and financial areas.


How Do Access Body Processes Work?

Access Body Processes work at a cellular level, undoing programming that impedes change. Each process employs unique or combined energies to shift the body's energy, addressing tension, resistance, and dis-ease.


Holistic Complementary Therapies

As holistic complementary therapies at Something Sacred Rockhampton, Access Body Processes activate the body's self-healing abilities. They complement conventional and alternative treatments, enhancing the effectiveness of other healing modalities.