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Embracing the Basics: Course Overview

Reiki Level One at Something Sacred in Rockhampton encompasses:

  • Reiki Hand Positions: Learn to treat yourself from day one and eventually share the healing with friends, family, and pets.
  • Chakra Treatments with Reiki: Gain insight into balancing different energy centers for comprehensive wellbeing.
  • Understanding Holistic Healing: Discover how Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, connecting you to something greater than yourself.
  • The Rich History of Reiki: Explore the origins of Reiki with Mikao Usui, understanding how it evolved into a holistic natural healing system.
  • Practical Reiki Treatments: Experience giving and receiving full Reiki treatments, enjoying the serenity and warmth of Reiki energy.
  • Daily Reiki Incorporation: Learn simple ways to integrate Reiki into your everyday life for ongoing self-practice.
  • Personal Attunement: Your Reiki Level One attunement at Something Sacred in Rockhampton will be a transformative experience, enabling you to practice Reiki on yourself and others.
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Transformative Experiences Post Training

After completing Reiki Level One at Something Sacred in Rockhampton, you may experience:

  • Enhanced relaxation and increased energy from regular self-Reiki practices.
  • Relief from physical discomfort, harnessing Reiki to address pain in areas like knees or shoulders.
  • A deeper spiritual connection, feeling touched by a universal energy.
  • Improved personal energy protection in various environments.
  • An uplifting sense of peace, and deeper self-understanding.
  • The joy of sharing the gift of Reiki with loved ones.