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Enhancing Healing with Sacred Symbols

In Reiki Level Two training at Something Sacred in Rockhampton, you will:

  • Learn the names and applications of Reiki Symbols One, Two, and Three.
  • Use these symbols to amplify your Reiki practice on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • Experience how one symbol focuses Reiki energy, another restores mental and emotional balance, and a third aids in distant healing and addressing past issues.


The Power of Distant Reiki

This course includes practicing distant Reiki. You’ll learn to send healing energy across any distance, whether it's to someone in another room or across the world, expanding your ability to heal pain, injury, and trauma from afar.

Release and Renew with Reiki

Learn techniques to release past events that hinder current happiness, enhancing your present well-being. You'll also discover methods to cleanse spaces of unwanted energy, making your home and workplace more serene and balanced.


Professional Practice and Intuition Development

For those aspiring to practice Reiki professionally at Something Sacred in Rockhampton:

  • Receive comprehensive guidance on conducting professional Reiki treatments.
  • Develop intuitive abilities to sense where Reiki is needed.
  • Understand how integrating Reiki with other bodywork enhances treatment outcomes and conserves your energy.
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Personal Transformation with Reiki Level Two

Post-training, many report:

  • A stronger, more profound connection to Reiki energy.
  • Enhanced capability to give and receive deeper treatments using Reiki symbols.
  • Significant improvements in long-standing mental and emotional issues.
  • A heightened sense of peace and lightness as more Reiki energy integrates into your life.
  • The joy of creatively using Reiki symbols in daily life and providing distant Reiki healings for loved ones.