Something Sacred in Rockhampton: Healing Services and Prices

Welcome to Something Sacred in Rockhampton, where our healing services are designed to offer you peace, tranquility, and transformation at compassionate prices.

Healy Treatments

  • Price: $90 per hour
    • Embrace a serene hour of Healy treatments, known for their uplifting and balancing effects.

Distance Reiki Sessions

  • Short Session: $60 (15 mins)
    • Quick yet powerful, ideal for focused energy balancing.
  • Full Body Session: $150 (1 hour)
    • A comprehensive session for a full-body energy alignment.

Comprehensive Healing Services

  • Price: $150 per hour
    • Our range of services, tailored to your specific healing needs, offers a holistic approach to wellness.

Special Package Offers

  • 3x Healy Treatment Package: $240 (Prepaid)
    • Enjoy a series of three Healy treatments with a 10% discount.
  • 3x All Other Services Package: $405 (Prepaid)
    • Commit to your healing journey with a series of three sessions, including a 10% discount.
  • 3x Distance Reiki Package: $160 (Prepaid)
    • Experience the transformative power of Distance Reiki with this specially priced package.


At Something Sacred in Rockhampton, Noelene is committed to providing healing services that are not only effective but also accessible. The prices reflect Noelene's dedication to helping you find peace, healing, and possibility in a supportive and nurturing environment.